Saturday, July 4, 2020

moving abroad to follow your dreams and find better life opportunities

Photo by ROMAN ODINTSOV from Pexels

🙅when we were born in this world, we cannot choose where we want to born. but after grow into a teenage, we realize that there is a lot of opportunities to find abroad🙆

🐹more and more people nowadays like to travel around the world. they who dream to travel, people who find opportunities by working abroad or people who want to move abroad because they want to🐘

🍰it is hard to find opportunities to find a job abroad. you need to complete at least high school degree or college degree to be accepted to work abroad but it is worthy because you need income to living abroad unless you are very rich then it would be no problem

Friday, July 3, 2020

life amid economic uncertainty while faced pandemic

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😷Life amid economic uncertainty while face pandemic

👳Life is full of challenges and struggles. every day we have a lot of things and need to complete. we need to have a lot of energy, spirit, motivation, power, etc to complete our task. things and needs look like never finish comes to us👴

👵understanding how life's maybe could make us know that life is suffering and hardship. we must never give up on our beautiful life. sometimes in our journey, not everything is always smooth on the way, sometimes things can get so rough

🍖we learn a lot of knowledge, experience, and life in our journey. experience is our best teacher. however, we must keep fighting for our life. because every life is a precious, every life is a worthy one

🌺remember when we fall down, we must to get up and go forward, keep fighting, keep learning from our experience, keep going foward, we must fighting for our dream and our life🍹

work remotely while traveling

Photo by Sake Le from Pexels

👫enjoy your life by traveling around the world while working remotely

⛺we like to traveling around the world to see the other parts of the world, to experience living abroad, to know other cultures. it would be nice if we traveling around the world while working remotely🌃

👪 find a job abroad while you traveling around the world

🍩find any job you can find abroad while you traveling around the world to realize your dream traveling the world. the world is full of opportunity, you could grab that opportunity everywhere in the world🍔